Grow some pineapples!

This is my entry to luxe jam #1, the game was made in! check it out at

NOTE: sometimes things break, like you just randomly get infinite water, I didn't have time to track down all issues so just give it a refresh.


left mouse or space (or both :)) to keep water in the tank so pineapple can grow.  upgrade by clicking with left mouse on an upgrade when upgrades are highlighted.


Techno Stick (1st row): Grows another separate pineapple (v1 sometimes grows an onion, its got a firmware issue)

Recirc (2nd row): Increases amount of water added back to tank per click (amount depends on level)

Pump (3rd row): Adds water to the tank automatically (amount depends on level)

Nano Leaf (4th row): Decreases amount of water the plant needs (amount depends on level)

Robo Farmer (5th row): Increases pineapple grow rate (amount depends on level)